July 19, 2024

The Kings of War

Making war on all hackers


hackers are real and they are trying to steal from you right now

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All The Ways You Can Be Hacked

Businesses and individuals get hacked on a daily basis. Right now, on this website, there are probably hundreds of hackers trying to break in. 

This is our new normal. So, whether your email, camera, network or malware is at risk – it’s important to understand how and what you can do to turn it around.

It’s alarming simply to hack a security camera

We’ve all heard frightening stories about how baby monitors are often hacked into, or how someone is watching you behind your webcam camera, which makes it feel difficult to feel safe in a digital era.

Any IP-enabled device is prone to hacking

cctv cameras not prone to hacking

But as hackers have gotten smarter, so have security systems. Now, we’re not saying buying a cheap, average CCTV system on Amazon or the like will be completely secure.

Instead, we recommend if you are to pursue security systems in your home to rely on professional CCTV installation from reputable companies like ACCL, which guarantee that their CCTV installation services include the latest encryption protection and technology. Learn more about how they do this here.

Other scary ways you can get hacked

  • All your online accounts hold sensitive information as well as stored credit card information (don’t use weak passwords). Read tips here.
  • Malware attacks – how to prevent them.
  • Being phished – this is one of the most common ways scammers can obtain your information, learn these essential signs.

How to fight back

Here are all the ways you can tell you’ve been hacked, these involve things like “your online password isn’t working” or more obvious signs like your online account is missing money.

This online article is very helpful for explaining many different hacking scenarios and what exactly to do if you happen to experience any of them.

In the digital age, it’s very important that you act quickly and clue yourself up about all the online dangers.