June 24, 2024

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Future of Mobile Marketing?

4 min read

What Is Mobile Marketing?

Mobile marketing is becoming more and more popular as businesses are becoming aware of how smartphones are almost always within arms reach. In the UK, 7 out of 10 people own a mobile phone so if you’re not using SMS marketing then you’re likely missing out. Mobile marketing allows you to quickly create, send and have your message read by your customers within minutes. The speed at which the text message is sent & received means you can utilise mobile marketing for quick sales, provide new company updates & to increase ROI and client retention.

Most people who own a smartphone check their messages and emails in the morning so from a marketing perspective it’s paramount to make full use of mobile marketing.

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So why use mobile marketing?

  • Instant Deliverability
  • Flexible Platform
  • High open rate
  • High conversion rate
  • It’s an opt-in method
  • SMS marketing is affordable
  • SMS are short, quick and very personal
  • Create a free mobile site

The other advantage of utilising mobile marketing is that iPhones are getting bigger, iPads can have a Simcard & be linked to your messages so soon people will be using their mobile device for the majority of their activities giving you a huge timeframe to contact them via SMS.

Once you have the mobile numbers of your subscribers you can reach them within seconds and have the majority of them open your message as statistics show 8/10 text messages are opened. Best of all GraphicMail makes it easy for you to implement…

Creating Your Text Message

Within your account you can easily create your text message by clicking on Mobile (tab at the top) >> SMS/Text Messages >> Create or Edit (to edit an existing one). You can then use the SMS/ Text Editor to input the text message you’d like to send. If you go over the 160 character limit then it will use an extra credit when sending.

Sending Your Text Message

Once you have created your text message, you can send it by clicking on ‘Send SMS/ Text’ >> Send to List. Within this section you can choose the mailing list you’d like to send to, select the SMS/ Text message and then click the button ‘Send to List’.

View Your Campaign Results

Once your bulk text message has been sent, you will then see detailed statistics showing sent, received, clicks and more. This can be viewed by clicking on Reports & Statistics (tab on the left) >> Delivery Reports, you can then select your send and view the statistics from it.

As mobile marketing is instant and as it has a higher open rate it gives you a great opportunity to communicate with your clients helping you build a relationship with them.