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Workout at home personal training – How it works

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Workout at home personal training – How it works

You have already decided that you want some help getting fitter, healthier, slimmer, or whatever your objective might be. You then need to make sure you choose a highly qualified personal trainer who is experienced and familiar with all aspects of home fitness training. At Workout, at Home, we have carefully selected a high-quality team of personal trainers known to get results.

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Once you have made the initial contact by phone or email, we will arrange for a trainer to call you to book you for a free no-obligation consultation at a time and location to suit you. If you are happy with everything, once your consultation is complete, they will provide you with a letter confirming the arrangements for your first training session.

Our trainers generally work with you at home, bringing a range of fitness equipment to ensure a varied and enjoyable workout. If you’re thinking about how much floor space you need at home, you will be surprised; it doesn’t have to be much.

You can either stick to the comfort of training in your own home orĀ if you are feeling a little more relaxed and up for it,
you could maximise the facilities in your local surroundings,
for example, a local park. In 2007, a British charity called Mind
released the results of a study on outdoor exercise’s benefits.
In this study, it was found that exercise outdoors was
beneficial for mood and self-esteem.

The whole point of personal training is flexibility and a personalised, focused approach, so allow us to help you change your life and overall well-being.

When can you train?
We provide a service that enables you to fit exercise into your busy lifestyle anytime between 6 am and 10 pm. Want to train on your own? Want to train with a friend or partner? We can accommodate both, so if you wish to lose weight, tone up, or just want to feel better,, let us provide you with the motivation and support to achieve your goals.

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