Note to authors

This is a short note to prospective authors and guest authors. KoW has only three rules:

1) Be sensible

2) Be polite

3) Don’t delete

Don’t delete means two things: don’t remove a post. Once published, it’s there to stay. We may change typos or correct grammatical mistakes, of course, or add and correct a link. Secondly, we don’t delete comments — the exception is only if a comment obviously violates rule 2. We rarely moderate comments for specific posts or close them entirely.

Try keeping your posts crisp and succinct. 600 words is a good length, more is acceptable. But keep in mind: a blog is not a journal. Writing and reading it should be witty and provocative. Our better articulated, more mature, and more bland ideas go into journals and magazines — that’s how we make a living after all. This blog is also not a private diary. Our posts are part of a larger discussion and therefore must have links.

If you have a KCL connection, you’re welcome to write. Get in touch with us. If you don’t have a KCL connection but you think you have something bright and important to say, we may make an exception for you. Send us the post for consideration — your contact will make sure you’re not posting junk.