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Globalisation, even weirder than I thought

Well, uh… hmmm… After reading most of the day about the object lesson in nineteenth century-style realpolitik which Vladimir Putin has been giving the world in Ukraine over the weekend I’m not really sure what to make of this video I just happened across via Harry’s Place. Can this be real? The video purports to show LA gangbangers joining the fight in Syria on the side of Assad’s regime forces. Observe.

The scene brings to mind the postscript of Martin Van Creveld’s Transformation of War:

…the question as to what future societies will go to war for is almost irrelevant. It is simply not true that war is simply a means to an end, nor do people necessarily fight in order to obtain this objective or that. In fact, the opposite is true; people very often take up one objective or another precisely in order that they may fight. While the usefulness of war as a means for gaining practical ends may well be questioned, its ability to entertain, to inspire, and to fascinate has never been in doubt. (p. 226)

What common cause could we have here? For what are these fellows fighting? 




6 thoughts on “Globalisation, even weirder than I thought

  1. John says:

    Er, exactly how do we know that these two clowns are fighting on the Syrian gov’t side, or with the Syrian gov’t’s support, or if they’re even in Syria at all? All I see is two vatos by a beat-up building, homie-ing and flashing low-rent gang signs, then popping off a few rounds at what looks like another beat-up building. I saw no Syrian soldiers, no rebels, no return fire, nothing. The block construction of their site did look a bit Mid-Easty, but that’s all. They could have shot this in some dried-up old town outside Pomona for all we know…

  2. Martin K says:

    If its real, most propably either for family (as some norwegians did in Lebanon in 2006) or for money, as well as the experience points. The Syrian government is also heavily interconnected with the smugglingroutes into and out of Turkey, so that they can hire criminals as soldiers is not so farfetched.

  3. John says:

    Sorry all, but I went to the link provided above and all I got was a pile of the usual gangbanger woofing and pix of guys posing (indoors) in cammies with weapons. No Syrian personnel, no identifiable Syrian landmarks in the background, no acknowledgement of what they’re doing from either the Syrian gov’t or the rebels, and — above all — no return fire from any opponents.

    I’ll be happy to change my tune if we ever see these two actually mixing it up on camera with a live opponent who shoots back, but until then — diagnosis: two cholos selling wolf tickets. In Syria, just outside Bakersfield, wherever.

    If we start hearing, from multiple credible sources, about pick-up-game augmentees actually having some kind of noteworthy effect on the battlefield, then I guess it’ll be another story.

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