As Syria burns, experts release long-awaited report to UN

Is that all you got, player?

Nero, First Chair, Strings Section, Rome, AD 64.


In the face of accounts of chemical weapons used on civilians; horrifying images of children on fire;  5 million IDPs;  2 million refugees; and  100,000 deaths…it makes great sense get a panel of internationally renowned jurists together to produce, uh, well…this:

Wow.  Speechless.

If this report is pursuant to an investigation launched on the back of a GA resolution from 1962, when can we expect results from the chemical weapons inspections this summer?

Check back here in 2064.



4 thoughts on “As Syria burns, experts release long-awaited report to UN

  1. Alex Richard says:

    Err, to be clear, the report is on new evidence (or a new presentation of the evidence?) in a book released in 2011, and was not begun until 2012. AFAICT, the Commission is completely independent of the UN.

  2. Max Kelly says:

    As Alex points out, it seems you either didn’t read the report or failed at basic arithmetic before heaping derision on the UN (even though it wasn’t prepared by the Secretariat) and using your misinterpretation to attack a completely different report that hasn’t been released yet, being written by a completely different group of people. I’d have hoped for better from this blog, but apparently ignorance is sufficient justification for scorn.

  3. When can we expect the report? A few days later, it turns out. And quite a comprehensive report too. It was on the news and everything.

    I suppose if they’d devoted the attentions of the whole UN bureaucracy to processing the blood work, it might have come a bit sooner. So there’s a policy prescription for your REF impact story.

    One might also want to take the trouble to find out what it means for something to be ‘pursuant’ in UN terms.

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