Choosing war

Patrick Porter (bachelor of this parish), has a new paper out in Strategic Studies. It’s a good ‘un and agreeably provocative. Should America have stayed out of WW2?  Well, that’s a no brainer – they were attacked, right? The war was inevitable and vital. If ever there was a war of necessity, it was this one.  How is our hero going to argue his way out of this?

Very entertainingly, it turns out. Read on for a lively argument that all wars involve choice, and that appeals to necessity are ofttimes more a way of marshaling opinion than describing reality.



One thought on “Choosing war

  1. SM says:

    That paper reminds me of the one (by John Lynne?) which demonstrated that military power correlates with frequent wars and insecurity for 15th to 20th century Europe (big military powers tend to scare other big powers, to expand their control far in all directions, and to chose war to achieve their goals; small powers have few potential enemies, rarely scare them, and are less likely to chose war to solve their disagreements). Its important, but I’m not sure if the right people will read it.

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