War Studies at 50

This spring the Department of War Studies is turning 50, as you probably saw already. To honour the occasion, the Department is hosting a series of conversations throughout the spring under the banner “War Studies at 50.” In these seminars, senior faculty and their guests will discuss the evolution and impact of the work of the Department in their academic and professional communities — with senior officers, political operators, or other outside guests.

The first episode — on The Navy and War Studies — was just published. The discussion features Britain’s two only chairs of naval history, KCL’s Andrew Lambert and Eric Grove from Salford University, a KCL alumnus from the 1970s. Historically it seemed apt to start the series with the Navy, as it was Professor Sir John Laughton who gave King’s College London a leading role in the development of academic naval history in Britain — in the 1880s.


For those of you interested in a bit of history on war studies more generally, we recommend an article by Brian Holden Reid, “Michael Howard and the Evolution of Modern War Studies,” from The Journal of Military History, 2009, unfortunately behind a paywall.

Upcoming episodes include 30-minute podcasts on

  • Terrorism, Radicalization & War Studies, with Lord John Alderdice and Peter Neumann
  • Norms, Ethics & War Studies, with Chris Brown and Mervyn Frost
  • Counterinsurgency & War Studies, with Lt-Gen Jonathon Riley and Theo Farrell
  • Cyber Security & War Studies, with Sir David Omand and Thomas Rid
  • Insurgency, Political Violence & War Studies, with John Mackinlay and David Betz
  • The United Nations & War Studies, with Matthew Preston and Mats Berdal
  • The Army & War Studies, with Maj-Gen Mungo Melvin and Brian Holden Reid

And many more …

We recommend subscribing to the Department’s podcast, where a new episodes will be published every Wednesday for the next few months.



5 thoughts on “War Studies at 50

  1. As an Alumni of the War studies department and now a journalist in Russia I must say how delighted I am Kings of War has decided to put this audio up. KOW is the primary way I keep up with the incisive thought emanating from my old department. It is a brilliant blog and the posts keep reminding me of the how enlightening the War Studies academics and the comments coming from your informed readers can be. Keep it up.

  2. F. Flood says:

    I noticed the “Why airport security was right to stop four year old Isabella” post has disappeared. Why? Did the author have a change of heart/mind?

    • Francis Grice says:

      Thanks for this F. Flood. What I had hoped would be a thought provoking blog post presenting an alternative perspective on the issue, appeared in retrospect to have been a bit too contentious and to have upset some people: this was not my intent and I am sorry about any offence caused. So after some thought, and taking on board the criticisms raised, I decided to withdraw the post.

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