Then again…Two short rants of a Saturday morning

1.  Selling phony bomb detectors to Iraq?  There should be a special place in Hell for this guy.  Then again, nobody tested it?  I happen to have a cat detector van for sale, cheap…

2.  Does anyone actually remember what the original Marshall Plan was about?  If so, how can anyone seriously use the phrase words ‘Marshall Plan’ and ‘Haiti’ in the same sentence?  Then again, Strauss-Kahn is French…


5 thoughts on “Then again…Two short rants of a Saturday morning

  1. Formerly Grant says:

    We already knew that the Iraqis were using detectors that didn’t work at least months ago, possibly earlier. I’m surprised it took this long for mainstream media to pick up on it.
    As for Marshall, frankly nobody remembers what he did really. All they know is that it had something to do with aid, helping countries that weren’t Soviet avoid Communism, and that it more or less worked to some degree.

    • Cincinattus Jr. says:

      I thought the Marshall Plan is where we derived the old saw about “biting the hand…” and all that. ;-)

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